Crash and Gamble by Brooke Lyman


In the early 1900s, when the European training routes iced over, a group of road cyclist challenged each other to stay fit by racing to the next town, but through the fields, over the fences, and across the iced-over streams. Over a century later, this sport is known world-wide as cyclocross. There are local races, national championships, and world championships, each course featuring different challenges, terrain, and conditions. They can consist of a combination of gravel, sand, grass, mud, and dirt, and every course has obstacles that 99% of individuals cannot ride and must dismount to run through instead. If you can ride it, you are allowed to do so, but for most individuals, certain obstacles pose such great a risk for costly crashes, that it is simply not worth it. The obstacles can consist of barriers (vertical wooden boards about two feet tall), stairs, a very steep, loose hill that is not ridable (called a run-up), or sand pits. Essentially, cyclocross is the obstacle racing of the bike world, where crashing is simply part of the sport. Continue reading

What a Beautiful Life by Jaiden Barney


 The car is filled with the sound of rushing wind and tires crushing rocks as we slowly turn into the campsite. A few weeks prior to this year’s trip to the Tonto National Forest there was a flash flood in the nearby canyon that took ten lives from a family of fourteen. Slight anxiety prickles through my body as the clouds engulf the sky with rolling thunders.

We park and immediately set up camp. Continue reading

The Journey Begins

Thanks so much for joining us! I started this site as a place to celebrate the wonderful exploration and writing my Arizona State University Travel Writing students do.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton